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003- Starting the Print on Demand Jewelry Business

Written by Burak Seyman

on July 30, 2021

Written by Burak Seyman

on July 30, 2021

Hello again!

Let’s talk about the first LBS project: Print-on-demand Jewelry.

Starting Budget: $2.500
Project Time: 5 months
Project Goal: $3.000 monthly in profit

I’ll reinvest most of the profit during the project time to grow faster.

1. Print on Demand Business

Most probably you heard about the print-on-demand concept before.

You create a design, add it to a virtual product listing and promote. If an order is placed, the manufacturer prints the design to the actual product and sends it to the customer.

How print on demand works

1.1. Advantages

✅ No manufacturing overhead
✅ No upfront investment
✅ No minimum order quantity
✅ No product restrictions
✅ No storage & fulfillment
✅ Easy to make experiments

1.2. Disadvantages

⛔️ Competitive market
⛔️ Hard to differentiate
⛔️ Fulfillment time may take long

2. Print on Demand Products

I think t-shirts, cups, and hats came to your mind already. But there’s more than that. You can add your designs to:

🥾 Shoes, flip-flops, boots, socks
👗 Skirts, dresses, leggings, swimsuits
🕰 Clocks, coasters, mats, towels, blankets
🐶 Bandana, collar, bowl, and bed for pets

And, of course, the jewelry, my favorite.

3. Shineon & POD Jewelry

Why is the jewelry my favorite? Because it’s less competitive, the ideal price could be higher than the other options, and it’s easy to start (thanks to Shineon).

You can sell necklaces and bangles with gold finishes in special boxes.

My wife print on demand product

You don’t design the actual product here. You just design the message card in the background. You can choose colors, design elements, and most importantly, sentimental phrases. Or, let the customers add their own meaning to your product, with their own photos.


4. What I’ve Done & Learned?

Up until this week:
• Researched all the print-on-demand product types and costs from Printify, Printful, Custom Cat, SPOD, and more.
• Decided to sell jewelry when utilizing Shineon

This week:
• Picked a niche
• Decided the brand name
• Bought a domain
• Added the custom domain to my store
• Used the Shineon latest feature and created a custom storefront (not designed yet)

I have learned these:
• Shineon product types and their differences
• The unique value proposition is sentimental phrases, not the superior design

Next steps:
• Deciding brand archetype and brand message
• Designing a very simple logo
• Researching potential message card designs and phrases
• Creating the first products
• Designing the storefront

I feel so excited to see what this brand will represent in the future.

That’s it for this week. Follow @learnbuildsell for the next week.

Thanks for reading!

Written by Burak Seyman

Greetings from Turkey! 🇹🇷 This is Burak. I’m selling my China-made private label branded products on Amazon US since 2018. I have sold 8.000+ products. But I suffered a lot from the disadvantages of physical products. That’s why I have changed my whole approach to entrepreneurship. From 2021, I’m focusing on digital products. The best part is, when I’m building new online businesses, I’ll share everything I’ve been through.


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