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004- Changing the POD Sales Channel Strategy

Written by Burak Seyman

on August 6, 2021

Written by Burak Seyman

on August 6, 2021

1. Strategy Change

Last week I announced that I’m starting a print-on-demand jewelry business. I got a lot of comments about I should sell on Etsy.

Then I researched this popular marketplace and realized the perfect match with POD.

My strategy has been changed. It was testing products with Facebook Ads, sending customers to my own store, choosing the best product, and increasing the ad budget. Now, opening an Etsy shop for every niche audience, listing products to test and keep the best performings.


2. POD for Etsy is a perfect fit

Etsy’s slogan is “Shop for handmade, custom, and unique gifts.” And, POD is all about customization and uniqueness.

Etsy and POD like a puzzle complete each other. That’s why I have changed my strategy to go all in Etsy.


3. Etsy Learnings

•  I’ve started to learn Etsy with the Seller Policy. Critical to learn the rules before joining any marketplace. Because they’re giving commitments to customers. On the flip side, we have some obligations to sell in there and utilize their brand trust.

•  Like any other marketplace, Etsy has a special search engine to index and rank products after customers searched with some keywords. This brings us to Etsy SEO. The title, category, and tags of listings are important. Also, your shop name and shipping policies affect SEO.

•  Learned that one seller account can open multiple shops. So, I’m planning to find unaddressed niche audiences with different product needs, and open a super targeted shop for every one of them. I’ll start with the jewelry but I could add other POD products very quickly. It could be hard to manage, but I think it’s the best way to go.


That’s it for now! Follow @learnbuildsell to learn more about POD and Etsy.


Written by Burak Seyman

Greetings from Turkey! 🇹🇷 This is Burak. I’m selling my China-made private label branded products on Amazon US since 2018. I have sold 8.000+ products. But I suffered a lot from the disadvantages of physical products. That’s why I have changed my whole approach to entrepreneurship. From 2021, I’m focusing on digital products. The best part is, when I’m building new online businesses, I’ll share everything I’ve been through.


  1. Ece

    Glad to see you on ETSY 🙂 looking forward to hear about your experiences. Good luck!

    • Burak Seyman

      Thanks, Ece! As my main focus became Etsy, I’ll write more and more about it every week, stay in touch 😉


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