Learn Build Sell

We are a team who creates e-commerce niche brands with


Learn Build Sell is an e-commerce-focused startup studio.


We Learn

Day and night, always, in every step of our ventures, we learn, iterate, improve and innovate.

We Build

Not just businesses, but also long-lasting valuable brands with raving customers.

We Sell

Exactly what people are looking for, exactly where people need it, and in the form people want it.

About Us

We’re not a company. We’re a team, we’re a community.

We’re learners, builders, and sellers. We think lean, act agile. We ask questions, generate new ideas, build great products, solve problems, write processes, optimize spending, improve targeting, tell stories, shape brands, create happy customers. We support each other, laugh, smile, and celebrate together.

“Business isn’t about revenue and profitability; it’s about creating real value for your customers, and gaining an invaluable place in their life.”


Our Approach

For People By People

We go where people hang out and listen to people about what they want. They are talking to us with every search query, comment, and entry. We are creating value for them, with them. They lead us, so they love our products.

Value Based Marketing

We serve customers before money changes hands. We’re in wherever our customers. We’re on Google with our blog posts. We’re on YouTube with our videos. We’re on Quora and Reddit with our answers. In everywhere digital.

Long-lasting Connections

Branding is creating relationships. We love to listen to our customers and talk with them. We care about our customers, their problems, and their desires. We aim to create an intimate bond and maintain it over a long period of time.


Our Mindset

We believe that business is an infinite game. We win and we fail forward. We pioneer and we stumble. We evolve. We are real, raw, vulnerable, and courageous. All in all, we are the practitioners that walk the walk.


Our Culture

We build businesses to make our customer lives better, as well as ours. That’s why we make it as fun as possible. We share our learnings. We celebrate and laugh together. We support each other like a family.


Our Strategy

Marketplaces + Brand Website

We combine Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, and other marketplaces with our brand websites. Multiple channels under a single, value-based funnel approach. We’re tracking the health of our entire business, not just the ROI of a single channel.

Flexible & Scalable Products

We don’t produce any physical products. We focus on the value that customers get. We add our work to made-on-demand and digital products. Also, our products are e-commerce native, customers cannot find our products anywhere else but online.

Creating Systems

We create Standard Operating Procedure for every task that is recurring. We write Wikis for collecting knowledge and sharing with everyone. We prepare Policies to make the decisions easier and of course, we use automation as much as possible.

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